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The Northside Cultural District offers a visionary approach to urban development with lasting social and economic benefits. The plan brings together three outstanding arts and culture organizations into a single-campus concept. The Chicago Art Center, The Ed Paschke Art Center, and the National Veterans Art Museum will be co-located in a state-of-the-art 35,000 square-foot cultural center.

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Phase One (Sep 2020-Jun 2021)

Phase 1 Overview: Ed Paschke Art Center (EPAC) has a long history of community and arts engagement. The organization will acquire an adjacent lot to build a new state-of-the-art art center that will house EPAC along with exhibition and sculpture space while connecting to the current building, creating a holistic art experience.

  • Acquisition of land for the Ed Paschke Art Center expansion
  • Purchased large lot at corner of Long & Lawrence
  • De-installed Ed Paschke permanent collection and exhibitions
  • Assembled design and planning team
  • Worked with IFF on acquisition and planning
  • New buildings designed by John Ronan Architects with input from community and team
  • Community support meetings, plan creation/publishing
  • Meetings held with community groups including Alderman’s office to ensure local support
  • Received unanimous support from community groups and the Alderman’s office

Phase Two (Jul 1, 2022-Jun 2023)

Phase 2 Overview: (Postponed from 2021) EPAC will finalize zoning updates and begin enhancing and building new galleries and exhibition spaces in the current building, based on John Ronan designs and plans. A sculpture park will be added to the acquired land to further enhance community while the project is moving forward. Adjacent acquisitions to future site of new art center will be identified and engaged. The re-opening of the Ed PaschkeArt Center with new galleries for expanded exhibitions and with the re-installation of the EPAC collection and studio recreation. Additionally, art storage and other benefits from the plan will be enacted during Phase 2.

  • Finalizing permitting, zoning, and CDOT processes
  • Constructing new galleries, ADA access with new elevator and stair circulation, and improving current galleries including new roof, new floors, and enhanced gallery layout
  • Updating and building new art storage
  • Install and build new sculpture park
  • Identify and engage potential adjacent acquisitions to the new art center
  • Support additional projects related to the Ed PaschkeArt Center project including a café in the park
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Phase Three (Jul 2023-Jun 2025)

Phase 3 Overview: Finalizing any adjustments for new land acquisitions to the designs. Construction of the art center will be completed during this phase, including the de-installation and re-installation of the Ed Paschke Art Center collection and studio recreation.

  • Construction of the new building for the Ed PaschkeArt Center. This 3-phase project will create significant societal and economic benefits
    • 100+ construction jobs
    • 12 permanent jobs and 20 contract positions
    • Impact over 100,000 patrons
    • Create over $6m annually in economic activity
    • Anchor the Jefferson Park community, arts, and business districts